bio-cellluose mask sheet global supplier

Dried biocellulose is a polymer substance produced by cultivation of Acetobacter Xylinum.

As fermented by coconut juice, it is a pure natural and skin-friendly material.

Not required a separate antimicrobial process and stored at room temperature for a long period of time. Transportation and production costs can be reduced.

Due to highly precise 3D network structure, it can contain the serum up to 200 times than dry weight, which makes the sheet have high stretch ability, tensile strength and stability. Clinical results say that the sheet itself has an excellent lifting, moisturizing and cooling effect.

Different to wet biocellulose, dried biocellulose keeps the ingredient composition steady and performs certain functional effect when adding same prescribed essence.

Also, it adheres perfectly to the skin and effectively delivers active ingredients.


Production Process of Dried Bio-cellulose Mask Substrate


Put coconut juice into a fermentation tower and ferment it into coconut yeast juice and then added with Acetobacter Xylinum in a culture tray.

Harvest Bio-cellulose block after 5-7 days.

Cleaning and sterilizing.

Cut the microbial cellulose into slices.

Cleaning and water immersion.

Fold the microbial cellulose and non-woven paper into 3 layers.

Squeeze out the unnecessary liquid from membrane.

Cut the membrane into needed shapes.

Dehydrate the mask in specific machine.

Quality Control



Final Quality Control